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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Named Anchors in Windows Live Writer (using plug-in)

This post will show how to use a plug-in (DynamicTemplate) to add functionality to the WYSIWYG interface in Windows Live Writer (WLW).

This functionality is not built into WLW, I was helpfully pointed at a plug-in for WLW. The plug-in is called DynamicTemplate.

and from my initial looks at it it seems pretty powerful to me. I downloaded it and installed (the install in windows was straight forward, so I won’t cover that). Once installed fire up WLW and you should see in the Insert menu a new option labelled Template.


I have used a blog posting of mine as an example, and shown how to create a template with the plug-in for inserting named anchors. The template I have created when selected will prompt for the name you want to call the anchor.

Please view the video below for a run through.

Notes before watching the video are

_selection : is a special variable for DynamicTemplate and will insert whatever is selected in WLW into the template. In the example video I have no selection, but I include it in the template code so you can wrap the named anchor around some existing object in your post (if for some strange reason you want to do that :o) ).



  1. Please post the code for the template (you can't see it in the video)

    Even better if you would post a link to the docs

  2. Hey you,

    Jesus... this is a fantastic plugin.

    Thanks for sharing this great piece of software.

    @Mark: Maximize the video window (right bottom corner of the window) so that you can see the code.

  3. Useless video.
    Why torture us with an unreadable video?
    Much better posting the code.
    Tooo bad.
    Noo thanks.

    1. @sinapsi
      Why don't you try maximizing the video (as Leniel suggests in his post), you will find the video is quite readable.