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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Introduction - Integrate CentOS5 and Windows AD Domain

At work I had been tasked with setting up a few Linux servers, these servers are to replace existing Windows boxing running a clustered application. The application will happily run on Linux. My background is Microsoft (heavily Microsoft) so this task was well outside my comfort zone.

I had setup a Windows Active Directory Domain to control my existing infrastructure, and I did not want to add to my workload by having these isolated Linux machines running there own authentication mechanisms. So after a quick Google it seemed that integration between the Linux boxes and the windows domain was possible. Armed with information off I went….

I am using CentOS for a few reasons.

  1. I have access to an experienced CentOS guy.
  2. CentOS is derived from Red Hat (so I saw benefit in learning something that would enhance my corporate CV).
  3. CentOS is free (but enterprise level due to Red Hat background)

I am going to split this article into certain sections as there were some additional requirements for me that are outside of the initial Windows integration. Mainly this was some form of remote desktop (coming from a windows background this again is mainly to do with a comfort factor :o), the command line scares me ;o) ) and to keep the system as secure as I could.

Other parts in this series


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