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Thursday, August 03, 2017

OneDrive for Business - alternative email used in user look up for sharing

Hi All,
Just run across this issue, whilst trying to test OneDrive sharing setup.

Was trying to send myself a test share from within OneDrive for Business, however on typing in my home email address OneDrive helpfully looks this up in the Office365 directory, and returns my work email???!! Couldnot understand why this was happening. Tried some other colleagues and used their personal emails, same issue.
In the end I made a support call to Microsoft to understand what was going on.

It turned out to be an alternative email setup on the user account. Why Office365 is using this to look up a user, and then defaulting to the business account is beyond me.
Talking to the engineer MS are aware of the issue, so hopefully they will fix this and remove the alternative email from the lookup.

In the interim, the work around is to go to the user details in Office365, edit the role and then change the alternative email to another email. Yup this is a pain but at the moment there is no way 
to override this.
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