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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dell OpenManage IT Assistant (IE, Java Problems/Issues)

I also posted over at the Dell forums

I have just had this issue reoccur after someone updated the machine, I cannot confirm what caused the issues to reoccur as the user installed the java runtime engine and Internet Explorer 8 at the sametime.

However by using the solutions I detailed before I have managed to get IT assistant working in IE8 on windows 2008 server, running Java runtime 1.6.0_13. Below I summarise the issues and resolutions.
I have tried to summarise and clear up the problem and resolutions below.

There are 3 issues a

1. Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls error

This is caused by the java runtime engine, and occurs due to an update from 1.6._08+.

To get round this you just have to go the Java Control Panel(in the windows Control Panel) and the advanced tab. Expand the Java Plug-in entry and uncheck the “Enable the Next generation Java Plug-in option”.
See below.

2. Session timeout

This error appears to be something to do with TCPIP V6, I am afraid I cannot tell you why this is really occurring just that I know how to resolve in this instance. It must be noted that this resolution disables TCPIPV6 across the board in Windows 2008, so further down the line this could cause issues.

To disable TCPIP V6 in its entirety within Windows 2008 requires a registry key to be added and a reboot.

Add the following DWORD and set it to FFFFFFFF, and then reboot.


3. IT assistant Software Updates

This error is caused by a required java parameter in the Java runtime. Add the following parameter –Xmx256m to the Java Runtime Parameters in the Java control panel, Java tab under the java applet runtime settings.