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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Creating a Central Store for Group Policy Admin Templates

So the GP Management tool, will check for admin templates on a central location


By default this folder PolicyDefinitions does not exist on the DCs. So create this folder on one DC, FRS will replicate to other DCs. Now copy in the templates and language folders from c:\windows\PolicyDefinitions on your server. Ensure the language folders are also include… en-US, en-AU etc…

Now if you open up a policy to edit, from a machine within the domain, the templates will be loaded from this location. So to add any more just copy them to this location on the DC


Hair-pin NAT ( NAT loopback / NAT inside to inside)

Ok this is just a reminder for me. I needed to achieve this ability on a cisco firewall but I did not know the terminology and hence find it hard to google.

So links to details