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Monday, July 13, 2009

HP C7280 All in One install on Windows 7 RC1

I initially had problems installing this, I received an error message after trying to run the setup that it was incompatible for this version of windows and then would exit.

I have now sorted this issue, and it was pretty straight forward, it involves two settings.

Find the setup executable on the installation CD. Right click this file and select Properties. Once in the Properties dialog, choose the Compatibility Tab. On this tab, in the “Compatibility Mode” grouping tick the

“Run this program in compatibility mode for:”

and then in the drop down menu select

“Windows Vista”


Now done the bottom of the bottom of the Compatibility Tab in the Privilege Level grouping tick the

“Run this program as an administrator”


Now click the “OK” button.

Now when the executable is run it should run in Vista Compatibility Mode and as an administrator. The warning message should no disappear.

There is one problem I have come across, and that is in the scanning menus. The layout of the menus are not formatted properly, and it appears that options are stacked on top of one another so you are unable to change any of the options. That said you can still scan, just cannot change any settings.


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