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Monday, June 07, 2010

Samsung i8910 (HD, icon) – Totally refresh music library

I had an issue with this phone and the music library, it kept adding duplicate entries of random music. Even when I removed the music from the phone the other entries where still there! To me it looked as if music player was not working correctly.

In the end I traced the problem down to Windows Media Player (WMP) on my desktop machine, and the setting that copies music you play in WMP to a portable device you have connected. So whenever I had my phone connected while I was using WMP, it was merrily copying the music to my phone!

However back to the article topic, while trying to figure out what was going on I was trying to find a way to clear out the music player on the phone, and I did.

The music library for the music player is held in a file called mpxv2_2.db. So just search your phone for this file, I just connect the phone to the pc in mass storage mode and use windows search. However you should find the file in the following folder


Also of note is the file may be a derivative of mpxv2_2.db, my file was actually [101ffc31]mpxv2_2.db. Just delete this file and fire up the music player, it will trawl your phone again and create this library file.


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