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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Identify Internet Explorer x86/x64 on Windows 7 taskbar

I had Internet Explorer pinned to my task bar, however I found that sometimes when I clicked on some links IE would open as a separate icon on my task bar instead of grouping with the IE that was pinned. (the image below shows this –please note it shows my new icon identifying the 64 bit version (right), the left IE icon is the pinned 32bit version)


What I discovered is that these links were opening with IE x64. I wanted to be able to distinguish between the two. So I have created an icon for IE64 saved this .ico file to my windows folder, then in my “all programs” menu I have gone to the properties of  IE 64bit and selected change icon, now browse for the icon and click ok.


Now in your start menu right click on the IE64 and select “pin to taskbar”. And that's it, now when you fire up IE32 bit they will be grouped with 32bit version and IE64 will be grouped with the 64 bit version, and you can easily identify which version you are running.


If you want the icon file its here


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