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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Windows 7 XP Mode – MSI install error over RDP

I came across this issue when trying to setup a program to run in XPmode on my Windows 7 box.

“The Windows Installer does not permit installation from a Remote Desktop Connection)”

While the error seems to point at RDP connection being the issue (and it is sort of) it is actually due to the fact that I am trying to run the installer from one of the Terminal Services file shares (\\tsclient).

To get round this error do 1 of the following

1. Copy the file to the XPMode local drive (C:, for example)

2. connect to your machine via a UNC (i.e \\192.x.x.x. or \\<machine-name>)

3.Map a drive to the tsclient (i.e \\tsclient\C , \\tsclient\D)



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