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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Win2k8R2 - Unable to rename a connection–already exists

I image a lot of machines, saves me having to keep going through the complete setup with each machine.

On a couple of occasions I have had issues with network connections, it seems windows retains the old imaged server nic info, but it sees the hardware on the new server as new. Therefore it will not add them teaming or call them the right name if you have renamed them.

On trying to rename them to the same name you had on the original machine, you will get an error saying the name already exits. But in network connections they will not show up, even if you start device manager and select view\hidden devices they will not show.

You need to run the following from an elevated command prompt


and then open device manager, select view\show hidden devices. The devices that are no longer present on the new machine will be greyed out and can be uninstalled.

You will now be able to rename the connection.


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