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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cisco Pix 6.3–allow ping replies

How to set a PIX 6.3, to allow ICMP replies from inbound initiated icmp traffic.
i.e Allow a computer on the inside interface to ping external (outside computers).

By default outbound icmp traffic is allowed but the responses are denied.

First we need to create a access-list to allow the types of icmp traffic.


access-list 155 permit icmp any host 192.168.72. echo-reply


access-list <acl id> permit <protocol> any host <host ip> echo-reply

any – is shorthand for any ip ( with any subnet (wildcard mask

host – short hand for wildcard mask of (

With the acl setup we need to bind the acl to the outside interface on inbound traffic.
<note: only assign one access-group to an interface, if you already have one don’t add another.>
access-group 155 in interface outside


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