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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

VHD compacting error–limitation in file system

I had used the sysinternal tool (disk2vhd) to create a VHD image of one my desktop machines that I wanted to virtualise.

I got this VM up and running in Hyper-V, and after removing a number of programs and files, I wanted to compact the VHD file. So using Hyper-V to manage the disk, I went to compact the disk. When I got this error

I have truncated the error message

System failed to compact ‘……….vhd’ ….. due to a file system limitation.

Anyway after a quick web search I discovered this was probably due to snapshots in the VHD. So I run up the VM and ran the following command.

vssadmin delete shadows /all

It must also be noted that I think vssadmin is being replaced with diskshadow (edit: diskshadow is only available currently on windows 2008 server) so I think you can do the same thing with that program.


DISKSHADOW> delete shadows all



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