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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Batch File: Force delete of share

I have recently found that there is a way to force delete a share. It was causing me grief in batch files as it was moaning there was an file in use and would want user input (Y/N).

You can actually use /Y in the command to force the yes, this is not list in the command help.

net share %Sharename% \\%COMPUTERNAME% /Y /DELETE

Someone else experienced this issue and has kindly forwarded this reference links, so I include them here. Thanks.

The MS docs that don't tell us:
Expert's Exchange had the answer in 2008 but hides it at the bottom of the page:
also just answered it on SuperUser:



  1. Thank you! It's work!

    net share %Sharename% \\%COMPUTERNAME% /Y /DELETE

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