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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Transfer contacts from symbian s60 5th edition to android, and removing duplicates (google contacts)

I recently had to find a way to easily transfer my contacts on my old phone , a samsung i8910 (OmniaHD) to Galaxy SII.

After trying to do this for a while (my pcstudio kept crashing, maybe to do with me using a custom firmware from faenil, n205). So that meant I couldn;t easily get to my contacts from my pc.

Initially I tried a number of different Samsung pcstudio applications, all to no avail.

Then in desperation I went to the phone and looked at the contacts. It turns out that you mark all the contacts, and then send them via bluetooth as VCards. So thats what I did. In 1 hit, the contacts were onto my new phone. Surprised smile

So I had set up my phone to sync with my googlemail account, what this meant was that I had a number of duplicates, when I copied over from the i8910. So how to merge these??

Turns out this is easy. Sync with google, to ensure duplicates make it to your google account. Then go to Click on My Contacts, then in the right frame click ‘Find Duplicates’. You will get a list, you can then select them and merge them.

Fan bloody tastic…. Smile


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  1. thank you. I just had the same 2 phones and was pleasantly surprised with your post. I had at one point of time taken an oath to never buy a Samsung again but couldnt resist the temptation with SGS2. I thought I might be the only one to go back on my word not to buy this phone!!!