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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Samsung MTP device–Kies Driver Install Failure–Galaxy SII

I have just brought a Samsung galaxy SII.

However I have tried o install the Kies software in 2 locations and in both locations the utility has failed to install properly.

The software installs ok, however when I tried to connect the phone via usb, the driver installation would fail on SAMSUNG MTP device.

Now a quick search on Google turned up this article, dated 8th September 2010 and was was for the original Galaxy S. Surely I thought, it couldn’t be the same issue. however I followed the instructions on the blog post and it has worked in both locations.

Its to do with the length of file extension, being over 18 characters. By removing these files from the phone it will allow the driver install to complete successfully.

Anyway he is the article, it references small utility that allows you to search the phone for the offending extensions.


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