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Thursday, May 03, 2018

Powershell: List basic path info for all folders recursively

Had the need to create one big list of all folders in a folder tree. I could get this using Get-Childitem but it broke it down into a nicely formatted output, which is not what I needed.

I wanted just one path per line.

I came up with the following. Initially the output was being truncated, so long paths were truncated with …

This truncate can be removed by setting the following variable to –1


Not sure why but $FormatEnumerationLimit didnot work, I have to use the ExpandProperty function of the select-object cmdlet.

Get-ChildItem -path \\server\rootfolderpath -Recurse | ?{ $_.PSIsContainer }| Select -ExpandProperty FullName | Format-table FullName > folders.txt


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