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Sunday, May 21, 2017

SQL Server - Use specific IP/Ports not all

Hi All,

Just something that threw me this morning and took a while to understand what was going on.

note: to disable dynamic ports, just delete the value in the field. To reenable just add 0 and restart the sql instance.

If you need\want your SQL server instance to only listen on specific IPs (and not all IPs in the machine), then you must set “Listen All” on the protocol tab to “No”, whilst this seems intuitive now there is an IP All section on the IP Addresses tab, that when you look at articles on the interwebs, this is the setting you change.


IPAll section on the IP Addresses tab


Then in the IP section you want to apply to, set the Enabled setting to Yes, restart the SQL server instance and the server should now be listening on only the server IP.

This does not affect the listeners which are on different IPs, and handled by the cluster and alwayson services.



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