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Friday, July 10, 2015

Windows Live Writer, Windows 10 and Blogger

OK, so I heard today that Scott Hanselman, tweeted in June that WLW may be released by Microsoft as open source.

I hope this is true, or that Microsoft updates it. Smile It’s a great tool, simple to use and does most things really really well.

Anyway I have been trying out Windows 10 in the fast ring, and was wondering whether it would run WLW.

I am currently using Build:10162.

WLW 2012, is part of the windows live essentials that is still available from Microsoft.

When you run this you maybe prompted to install .Net 3.5, this is needed so allow it to do so.

Once the .Net installation is complete WLW 2012 will be installed.

That’s pretty much it, it worked straight away. Now I haven’t used WLW for a while, and I had trouble connecting to my blogger account, WLW kept complaining about username and password. I could log into blogger directly on the web using these details so I knew they were not incorrect. In the end, I tracked it down to a setting in my google account.

Google have changed the login mechanisms to make them more secure, so with default settings in Google WLW will not connect.

The only way to get WLW to connect is to enable “Allow less secure apps” in google. It is unclear to me at this time (, what the real implications of turning on this setting are. However turning it on allowed WLW to connect.

The setting can be found in google under My Account\Sign-in & Security


My preference at the moment is to write these articles offline, enable the setting in google, publish the post and then disable the setting.


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