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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Disappearing DNS entries: Windows 7 registered DNS entries deleted after period.

For some time I have had to support a desktop machine that someone setup with SVN on it, its meant to be being deprecated so I have never spent time on moving the services off.
But like all "temporary" items in the tech world, its on the large side of temporary.. :)

Anyway, to enable the service to be moveable, I set up an CNAME entry in DNS that pointed at the machine name record. (CNAME) --> (A)

Now this worked for a while but then suddenly developers reported the SVN dns was resolving. On review this turned out to be had been deleted... Huh?

The machine is part of a windows domain, and is set to register itself (like all the other machines). So I rebooted, this fixed the problem.... briefly. Then same thing happened.

I have tried numerous things to try and resolve, manual static DNS entry, ticking boxes on the DNS tab of the MACHINE network adapter properties. None of these seem to have worked...

However today I have now found a microsoft hotfix that seems to be aimed at my particaulr problem.

So I have now downloaded this fix, and applied to the MACHINE. Lets see how we go....


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