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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Remove\Rename a stubbornWindows Folder

Had an issue, where i had a folder I had that was extracted from an archive, I wanted to rename the folder but Windows wouldn't let me.

I was getting errors from windows, saying that the folder no longer existed.

“The file or folder does not exist”

After trying a raft of things, I even moved the parent folder to another location, which windows happily let me do, I still couldn't rename the folder/s

When looking at the folders from the command prompt, it became there were some odd characters in the name that where no showing up in windows explorer, but in the command prompt they were appearing as white space.

In the end I managed to rename the folders using the command prompt and 8.3 filenames

“C:\ParentFolder\OddFolder Which Will Not Rename”

rename C:\ParentFolder\OddFo~1 C:\ParentFolder\Odd1


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