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Thursday, February 23, 2012

PING–Partimage is not Ghost–How to manually force an ip

When booting from the PING iso, you are prompted to either go to a shell or to continue onto the PING gui.

If you are having trouble with it assigning a IP during the gui, you can go to the shell first manually assign an ip and then restart the GUI.

Go to the shell (x).

use root with no password

then type

  • ifconfig eth0 up
  • ifconfig eth0 <ip> netmask <netmask>
  • route add default gw <gateway ip>

Once this is done run, this will restart the gui and you should be able to progress.

  • /etc/rc.d/

Note: Also in the shell you could add a route if needed

  • route add –net <ip> netmask <netmask> gw <ip> dev eth0

added 20120426 – Note:

On machine with multiple network cards I found it hard to identify which nic was which on the DELL servers. Luckily One card was a 4 port intel card and the other was the onboard broadcom nics. I brought the interfaces up one at a time using the ifconfig ethx up, then used ifconfig ethx to show details about the interface. Then i took the first 3 parts of the hardware/MAC address of the nic and looked it up online. The broadcom nics came up as DELL and the Intel Nics as Intel. As the purpose of the nics was split broadcom to the network i needed to use and intel to another network, this allowed me to identify the nic i needed to add an ip to.


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