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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Running command on multiple computers

Just a quick note to show how to run a command  against multiple computers.

Have a file with a list of computer names (1 name per line).

net time example

FOR /F "eol=# tokens=1 delims=," %A IN (.\serverlist.txt) DO net time \\%A>>c:\output_command_netime.txt

So the command above will run the net time command on each of the servers in the file serverlist.txt. Each server name is passed to the command through the variable %A.





The output in this command is redirected into a file called output_command_netime.txt. It must be said that the output is appended to the file, so if you this multiple times, be away it will just add to the existing file. Just delete/rename the file if you want a new file on next run.

More examples

examine the state of a service

FOR /F "eol=# tokens=1 delims=," %A IN (.\serverList.txt) DO sc \\%A query w32time>>c:\output_command_sc_query2.txt

start a service

FOR /F "eol=# tokens=1 delims=," %A IN (.\serverList.txt) DO sc \\%A start w32time>>c:\output_command_sc_start.txt

stop a service

FOR /F "eol=# tokens=1 delims=," %A IN (.\serverList.txt) DO sc \\%A stop w32time>>c:\output_command_sc_stop.txt



  1. This does not work. I tried and get this error.
    "A was unexpected at this time"

    1. Hi Moe,
      How are you trying to run it, what OS, and can you copy and paste it here.

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