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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dell Bluetooth, Minicard 370–current updated drivers.

I have a DELL latitude 6500, with this I have a Bluetooth mouse (Microsoft BT 5000). It worked for a month or two and then disconnected from the laptop and then would not re-pair with the laptop.

On review it seemed that by installing the BT drivers from the DELL website for the laptop I could fix this issue.

However on review of the drivers on the DELL site, they are quite old. To cut a long story short finding newer drivers was not easy, however in the end I came across this guy who had done the same thing.

The DELL mini-card is in fact a Broadcom card. He had found drivers on a couple of sites, in the end I grabbed a x64 windows 7 driver from the gateway site.

This allowed me to re-pair my mouse and laptop, and has also given me updated drivers for the Bluetooth stack on my DELL latitude laptop.


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