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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ensure USB uses assigned Drive Letter

Recently I had to find a way to ensure that a USB drive connected to a computer always picked up the same drive letter.

Now the server was Windows 2008 x64, and whenever a usb drive was plugged in it picked up the next free drive letter. I wanted to ensure that the drive letter was G:, however this was not the next free drive letter. I tried changing the drive letter in COMPUTER MANAGEMENT/DISK MANAGMENT however every time the disk was disconnected and reconnected the drive would get assigned the next free drive letter.

I then stumbled across the following application.


Its free (for home use) and suits my purpose perfectly. Just copy to a folder, click install to setup the service and then its just a matter of setting up the config file USBDLM.ini. All I did was set it up so that when a USB drive was connected the next drive letter assigned would be G:

-------------------------- the drive letters ---------------------------------

;here you can define new default drive letter for USB drives

;here you can define drive letter that shall never be used for new local drives
;configure here your network and subst drives here but no local drives!

It has other options but this was enough for me.


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